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Visual Comms for the Product Design, Technology and Engineering Sectors


Solar, wind power, hydroelectric energy, biomass, geothermal.


Design, manufacture, maintainance and user training of mechanical systems.

Marine & Subsea

Bespoke 3D services for marine, offshore and subsea industry operations.


3D solutions for the development of road and off-road vehicles and their systems.


Control systems, robotics and associated IT for industrial processes and machines.

Aerospace & Defence

Space, aircraft and defence on land, sea and in the air.


High-cost investments such as transport, sewage, water, communication and electric systems.

Oil & Gas

High end animation suitable for the oil and gas sector.


Motion graphics perfect for IT, machine learning, IoT, cognitive, SAAS, crypto currency, blockchain, cyber security and emerging technologies.


Photo realistic 3D video animation services utilising native CAD data with ghosting, exploded and sectional views.

Overview of our 3D animation services.

We offer a full 3D pipeline producing both graphic and photo realistic styles from modelled props or 3D CAD import files. Our skillset includes 3D character design, rigging and animation supported using mocap data where appropriate.

We also offer a number of advanced capabilities including 360° interactive product spins, machine rigging, crowd simulations, geo (real world) data import and fluid simulations.

Substantial engineering expertise.

Our founder’s background includes a degree in aeronautical engineering at Imperial College and over 11 years of motorsport experience at the highest level – including 5 years as Head of Aerodynamics in Formula 1.

Premium support.

Support requests receive phone and email responses within minutes or a few hours, not days or weeks. We pull out all the stops completing every project with the same exceptional attention to detail.

Limitless creativity.

We’re a small, agile creative team with big agency capabilities. The diversity of our sector experience and portfolio says everything about how we love to push boundaries and work outside our comfort zone.

Forward looking.

We’re always looking for ways to improve the value we offer our clients whether that’s a focus on quality or process, video analytics and ROI or benchmarking evolving technologies.

We never outsource.

Check the small print of many animation production houses and you’ll find that they outsource to freelancers or abroad and restrict client / designer communication to just sporadic email.

Your story deserves to be heard too!

Your customers are exposed to 10,000+ brand messages a day. We know your story deserves to be heard too. You need a visual storyteller to help focus your message, maximise engagement, educate, influence and convert your prospects.

The high level of care, attention to detail and the quality of our visual storytelling helps our partners punch well above their weight, providing increased credibility early in the buying cycle and helping close more deals, faster.

It’s time to break through the noise and outshine your competition!