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3D product

Photo realistic 3D video animation services utilising native CAD data with ghosting, exploded and sectional views.

Technical 3D

Technical and engineering animation including machine rigging, geo data import and fluid simulations.

Motion graphics

A full 3D pipeline producing motion graphic styles reaching the limit of creative storytelling.

Interactive 3D

Interactive 360 degree environments, product visualizations, 3D product configurators and AR/VR.

Your story deserves to be heard too!

Your customers are exposed to 10,000+ brand messages a day. We know your story deserves to be heard too. You need a visual storyteller to help focus your message, maximise engagement, educate, influence and convert your prospects.

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High-end 3D animation.

Suitable for any industrial or mechanical engineering sector including oil and gas, renewables, nuclear, chemicals and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, mining, refining, marine and subsea, transportation and infrastructure, manufacturing and industrial automation, automotive design and defence.


Solar, wind power, hydroelectric energy, biomass, geothermal.


Design, manufacture, maintainance and user training of mechanical systems.

Marine & subsea.

Bespoke 3D services for marine, offshore and subsea industry operations.


3D solutions for the development of road and off-road vehicles and their systems.

Industrial automation.

Control systems, robots and associated IT for industrial processes and machines.

Consumer goods.

Suitable for a diverse range of goods including computers, mobile phones, games consoles, cameras, household furniture, home appliances, sports equipment and bicycles, clothing and jewelry.


High-cost investments such as transport, sewage, water, communication and electric systems.

Aerospace & defence.

Space, aircraft and defence on land, sea and in the air.

Oil and gas.

High end animation suitable for the oil and gas sector.

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Your story deserves to be heard too! It’s time to break through the noise and outshine your competition.