2D – Our approach from concept to delivery

A bit about the process, milestones and how we share updates

Step 1. Messaging

If We're writing the script...

If we’re writing the script for you, we’ll delve deeper into your audience and message, aiming to provide a first draft of the script in less than 5 business days.

If you're writing the script...

If you’re providing the first draft or final copy of the script, we’re happy to help refine the message, making it more conversational or punchy to suit the anticipated visuals. We’ll aim to provide our proposed changes to your script in less than 3 business days. Ask us for a simple Word document template to get you started on your script.


We’ll send you a zip file of voice over demos and ask you to select your preferred voice artist. We’ll ask for specific guidance on pace, tone and emphasis for the voice over artist to work from. We’ll also request any references for pronunciation if necessary.

Milestone – Because the voice script is the foundation of the entire animation process, the voice script must be signed off before the project can move on. Ideally, only minor changes to the voice script (for example changes to specific words and / or grammar) are possible after this milestone.

Step 2. Pre Production


We’ll break the script down into it’s key parts and create hand sketches of each scene. We’ll create a video from the sketches, a dummy voice over and a backing track. Since the backing track is not yet approved and licenced, it will have an audio watermark.

The animatic is intended to outline the proposed animation from scene to scene, transitions from scene to scene and the shapes and position of the graphics to be used. It outlines the flow from scene to scene but does not show detailed animation within each scene.

It’s a rough visual guide of what to expect. It isn’t intended to show the final graphic style, fonts or colours but it will give you the opportunity to propose changes to the visual concept, pace and timing before we move onto the more time consuming process of animation.

Style frames

We’ll create a set of style frames (typically 3-4 still frames) defining the proposed ‘look and feel’. These style frames show proposed final graphics, text and colours based on your brand guidelines.

The style frames will be uploaded for your review and feedback.

We aim to provide the animatic and style frames within 6 business days.

Milestone – The animatic and style frames must be signed off before the project can move on. The visual story is now fixed. The voice script is now fixed.

Final graphics

We’ll now start creating a complete library of graphics. We’ll work scene by scene, creating graphics following the sketches in the animatic using the “look and feel” defined by the style frames.


We’ll replace the sketches in the animatic with the new graphics and combine them with a professionally recorded voice over.

We aim to provide the updated animatic for your review within 6 business days.

Milestone – All included graphics and the voice recording must be signed off before the project can move on.

Step 3. Production


We’ll work scene by scene; animating the graphics from the animatic and creating the transitions between scenes. We’ll add sound effects where appropriate.

This stage of the process gives you the opportunity to make subtle tweaks to movement and timing.

We aim to provide the first draft animation for your review within 10 business days.

Milestone – The animation is signed off as complete.

Step 4. Delivery

Job Done

We’ll licence the backing track and swap the high quality audio file into the project. Then we’ll hit the render button and grab a coffee while we output the final version.


We’ll send the final invoice, backup the project files (we aim to keep them for about 12 months) and prepare the video file for delivery. We’ll send the video file, usually a full HD 1080p 25fps MP4, using WeTransfer as soon as the final payment hits our account.

How we share progress

You’ll have a main point of contact throughout the project. You may also have contact with other team members during specific phases of the process.

We provide a simple online platform for proofing, versioning and the sign off of scripts and style frames.


Our online video sharing platform allows you to review and comment on every single frame of the video.


How sign off works

We provide a simple to use, online video sharing platform allowing you to review and comment on the both the animatic and final animation.

We’ll ask for feedback and sign off at each milestone. Although each review has a window of five business days, we appreciate prompt responses to allow us to progress the project in a timely manner.

If feedback is not received within the window, the milestone is automatically signed off and the next phase of the process will begin.

Once a milestone is signed off or the video delivered, revision requests may incur an additional charge.

Voice overs and royalty free backing tracks

Voice talent

We provide professional voice overs in multiple languages and with a variety of English accents including British, American and Australian.

We’ll provide demo reels for you to select your voice talent and we’ll ask for your guidance on pace, ‘tone of voice’ and emphasis.

Then we’ll arrange the booking, recording, proofing, editing and mastering.

Backing track

We’ll also select a royalty free backing track suited to the pace of the voice and style of the planned visuals.

We’ll share the voice recording and backing track with you for your feedback and sign off. The backing track will include a clear audio watermark throughout that will be removed when the track is signed off and we’ve arranged the licensing.

We’ll arrange revisions with the voice talent if necessary and, if you’re not too keen on our track selection, we’ll provide access to an extensive library of audio tracks for you to make your own selection.

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