We’re a 3D animation company producing #incrediblevideo

Motion graphics, engineering, technical, product visualisation and animation with native CAD import and render farm support.

3D animation and visualisation

Digital solutions for the aerospace, automotive, BIM, defence, electrical, environmental, oil and gas, mining, industrial and manufacturing industries. Ideal to promote, inform or educate.

Native 3D CAD import

We can import product assemblies and parts from all major 3D CAD programs with no tweaking or data fix-up required:-

SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, ProE/Creo, Solid Edge, UG NX, Catia, AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks, Rhino.

Rendering in the cloud

For larger projects or when working to tight timeframes, we push our renders to the cloud. Using the massive rendering power provided by a 3000+ CPU render farm, our render servers calculate still images and 3D animations at breathtaking speed.

Engineering excellence

With an engineering background derived from a degree in aeronautical engineering at Imperial College and over 11 years of motorsport experience at the highest level, our founder, Simon Jennings, positions Kinesomania as an expert in the technical and engineering animation arena.

Experience includes aerodynamic design across multiple formulae including Indycar, Le Mans Sports Prototype and Formula 1 (including 5 years as Head of Aerodynamics).

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A completely transparent process, fixed pricing and unlimited revisions at every stage.

  • Script Writing

    We will work with you to produce a script detailing running order, scene focus and outlining important on scene visuals, such as part naming / numbering, call outs and dimensioning.

  • Look and Feel

    Following your guidance, brand guidelines and any supplied artwork, we'll create a still frame mock up defining the proposed look-and-feel. We'll ask for your feedback and make unlimited revisions as required.

  • Voice Talent

    We provide professional voiceovers in multiple languages and with a variety of English accents, including British, American and Australian. We'll provide demo reels for you to select your voice talent and then we'll arrange the booking, recording, proofing, editing and mastering.

  • Low Res Animatic

    We'll roll out a complete, low resolution animatic of the proposed animation. We'll ask for your feedback and sign off, making unlimited revisions where required, before we move on to the final, high quality render.

  • Final Render

    Once the look and feel and animatic are signed off, we'll update textures throughout and refine the animation. We'll output a high quality render and post it for your review and feedback, revising as appropriate before exporting a final version.

Simple online approval

We’ll provide a simple online platform for you to review and comment on progress at every stage. We’ll revise at each step in line with your recommendations and send back for final approval. We provide unlimited revisions at every stage.


Part and assembly import from your 3D CAD system


We can import the top-level .asm assembly file. Alternatively we can import from a top-level Neutral .neu.asm assembly file, or a STEP AP214 file.


We can import the native Solidworks top-level .sldasm file or a “BREP Manifold Solids IGES” file which has been exported from SolidWorks.


Autodesk Inventor
We can import the top-level .iam assembly file, or better yet, import from a DWF-3D file.


Solid Edge
We can import the top-level .asm assembly file or a STEP AP214 file. If using STEP, the “AP214” option must be chosen on the Solid Edge STEP exporter options panel.


UG NX conversions are always best done with a STEP AP214 file or alternatively a JT file.


We can import a BREP Solids IGES file.


AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks
For AutoCAD, Revit and Navisworks, we import from a DWF-3D file. DWF-3D is one of the very best file formats for data translation.


We import from a native .3dm file.