3D mascot character design and animation production studio

Believable and convincing 3D website mascot character design and animation. People, animals, aliens€¦

Starting in pre-production with storyboarding and planning your production. Animating traditionally on paper, paperless (digitally) frame-by-frame, or cut-out puppet animation.

We work closely with you to produce content the way you want, how you want it to look, on time and on budget. We can achieve the style you want, whether we’re drawing frame-by-frame or creating cut-out characters.

Give us a call on Freephone 0800 1 22 33 87 to talk through your explainer video project or drop us an email and we’ll provide you a simple, no obligation quotation. Let us tell your story!

2D Fluid Character Animation


3D Character Animation


Custom 2D / 3D Character Design


Believable and convincing character design. People, animals, aliens…

Starting out as 2D hand drawn illustrations, we storyboard for your review and feedback. Then we translate those ideas into a 2D animation, a fully rigged 3D character or sprite export for your game engine.