Advanced Capabilities – Animation and Interactivity

Motion capture

Complex 3D character animation using motion capture data (Mocap) drawn from our extensive motion library and manual keyframing for bespoke motion.


Outdoor environments require substantial detailed texturing and sculpting to provide a realistic look.

Photo realism

Depending on the level of photo realism required, we can apply brushed metal finishes, signs of wear, scratches, oil splotches, metal flecks and finger prints to textures.

Machine rigging

Many machines such as the boom, stick and bucket on an excavator require rigging. We set up a layer hierarchy with a set of constraints and controllers so that we can animate the machine quickly during the production process.

CAD import

We can import product assemblies and parts from all major 3D CAD programs with no tweaking or data fix-up required.

Process visualisation

Technical and engineering animation direct from your 3D CAD assemblies.

3D modelling

Modelling of components, assemblies and real world elements from scratch to help tell your story.

2D drafting

Familiar with reading technical drawings to check component dimensions and assembly. Dimensioning in 2D to bring into the 3D environment.

3D characters

Characters, their props and clothing are created in a T-pose. We apply bones and muscle weighting during the rigging phase to create a natural motion. Finally, we create and apply textures.

Crowd simulations

Crowds that walk, run, navigate slopes, ride escalators, tackle moving walkways and climb stairs realistically.

Fluids simulations

Particles, fluids, and gaseous simulations. Ideal for water, rain, oil, dust and contaminant flows.

Geo data import

Digital elevation models and city layouts using real world data. Highly detailed 3D landscapes and real world terrain created using satellite imagery. Waterways and road maps laid precisely over the terrain.

Interactive website viewer

State of the art 360 product viewer for your 3D visualisations or 360 product spins. Create interactive 3D CAD and 360 degree product photography for your website.

3D character animation

Believable and convincing character design. People, animals, aliens…

Materials and lighting

We create materials for each component and light them virtually using custom built HDR images and/or lights taking care with the placement of highlights and reflections. We can apply brushed metal finishes, signs of wear, scratches, oil splotches, metal flecks and finger prints to the textures.

Oceans and waterways

Animated oceans, lakes and rivers that look real.

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