Of course, you want to know “how much?”. However, one price doesn’t fit all. Video production is scalable, depending on the production elements you choose to include. We’ll help you prioritise the elements that make sense for your goals and your budget. Don’t be fooled by the incredible quality of our productions. They come at an incredibly affordable price too!


Our most popular package that offers a stunning video sure to outshine your competition, increasing credibility early in the buying cycle and helping close more deals, faster. Suitable for most 2D infographic, whiteboard and character animated videos.


Using more advanced techniques such as 3D or more intensive frame by frame, hand drawn character animation. A significant step up in complexity.


An exceptional 3D motion graphics animation. Utilising all the tools and personal skills at our disposal, with every detail polished and refined. A truly incredible video.



DONE 100%


Our animation studio produces creative, attention grabbing 2D and 3D animated marketing videos for businesses, companies and our white label partners in the UK, EU, USA and Canada. Our animated video production services include animated explainer videos, animated infographics, music and lyric videos, web app promo videos, hand drawn cartoon animation, photo realistic 3D product visualisations and VFX.


We provide animation support and reseller opportunities to media agencies and businesses including web design companies, marketing agencies and app designers. Click here to find out more .