2D animation

  • Infographic.
  • Cartoon.
  • Character animation.
  • Hand-drawn illustration.
  • Whiteboard.
  • App explainers.
  • Screencast.

3D animation

  • Product animation.
  • Import from 3D CAD.
  • Engineering and technical process.
  • Character design and animation.
  • Fluids and particles.
  • Crowd simulations.
  • City and landscape creation.
  • Real world data import.
  • Modelling; characters, environments.
  • Interactive 3D product tours.
  • Multi-route interactive experiences.

Video marketing

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Stunning infographic animation using clean, branded vector graphics.

2D Cartoon

Bespoke hand drawn characters and environments, animated digitally frame by frame.

Whiteboard videos

Stunning whiteboard animation using bespoke, hand drawn artwork and an animated drawing hand.

App explainer

High quality, screen recorded web and mobile app videos for educating, informing, promoting and demonstrating.

Screencast videos

Educate, inform and demonstrate your app with mobile and tablet screen recordings directly from the device.

3D modelling

Modelling of components, assemblies and real world elements from scratch to help tell your story.


Product visuals ideal for packshots, web use or television commercials especially prior to product launch.

Process Visualisation

Technical and engineering animation direct from your 3D CAD assemblies.

CAD Import

We can import product assemblies and parts from all major 3D CAD programs with no tweaking or data fix-up required.

Crowd Simulations

Crowds that walk, run, navigate slopes, ride escalators, tackle moving walkways and climb stairs realistically.

Fluids and particles

Particles, fluids, and gaseous simulations. Ideal for water, rain, oil, dust and contaminant flows.

Real world data import

Digital elevation models and city layout creation using real world data. Highly detailed 3D landscapes and real world terrain data with satellite imagery or road maps laid precisely over the terrain.


High quality, cost effective, entry level 3D animation. Line art combines the same high level of animation and attention to detail with clean, minimal visuals using accent colours to highlight focus objects.

3D whiteboard

Stunning 3D whiteboard animation using artwork created from your 3D CAD assemblies and an animated drawing hand.

Interactive website viewer

Create interactive 3D CAD and 360 degree product photography for your website.

Interactive video

We wrap video content in HTML to provide a layered, multi-route interactive experience for your website visitors.

Concept videos and VFX

3D animation that’s unconstrained by your imagination! Futuristic and conceptual environments with limitless possibilities.

Biz Vids

Cost effective videos comprising a mix of stock imagery and live action footage embellished with animated, graphic overlays, a voice over and music.

Photo Montage Videos

A mix of stock and client photography animated in a simulated 3D environment and bespoke graphics, set to a voice over and music.

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