Creative, innovative 3D media production services bringing your designs to life

Realise the true value of your 3D assets and maximise prospect engagement at every stage of the customer journey.

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Kinesomania [kin-ee-so-meyn-yuh]:
a compulsion for movement - an excessive desire to be on the move

We're an innovative media design company, embracing new technology, creating outstanding animation, immersive experiences and real-time applications for our global partners.


Omni-channel engagement at every stage of the customer journey.

Build interactive product visualisations, architectural walk-throughs, drive ROI with 3D advertising and inform your customers with 3D product configurators and video.

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Video / animation

Bespoke photo-realistic or motion graphic storytelling ideal for your website, social media, event displays and training.


Demonstrate features and benefits with an interactive 3D configurator that provides a personalised experience, dynamic pricing and product customisation.

360° product spins

Point out key features and benefits. Use clickable annotations to drive engagement, inform your prospects and push them through your sales funnel.

Real-time visualisation

Engage and convert your prospects with real-time interactive 3D content. Deliver it anywhere. No plugins to install or files to download. Immediate connection, rendered in real-time in the cloud and streamed to the browser.


Produce personalised sales material, online brochures and even videos that feature a prospect's configurations and requirements.


Online display and social media advertising utilising your 3D assets that drives engagement and maximises ROI.