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Brand Enable

Typical Budget £3,000-£4,000

3D Animation from CAD: ideal for showcasing a product for the web, a pitch or conference.

Industry Classic

Typical Budget £3,000-£8,000

3D Animation: ideal for explaining complex technical processes, detailed visualizations, concept work and storytelling using motion graphics.

Enterprise Premium

Typical Budget £8,000-£18,000

3D Animation: utilising all our combined experience, creative skills and the tools at our disposal. A truly incredible video.

So, how much is an explainer video?

In general, as with most things, you get what you pay for. There are many stages to any video production and each one requires care and attention to all the little details that make the difference. Quality takes time.

Choosing the right video partner is crucial for your video marketing success. It could be the first thing your potential customers see of your company and you’ll probably want to produce a video that stands the test of time. You’ll definitely want a video that engages your audience, satisfies your goals and meets your targets.

You may also be looking for a long term partner who can learn your brand values, your messaging and visual style to help streamline the process when building more video content.

The prime variables defining cost are:

  • How long is the animation? 60 seconds? 90 seconds? Longer?
  • What style is the video? Graphic or photo realistic?
  • What level of complexity, impact and quality are you looking for? Any style can be produced with varying levels of complexity. Are you looking for a budget solution or do you want to push the boat out to help differentiate your company from the thousands of explainer videos produced each and every month?
  • How fast do you need it? Is a relaxed timeframe ok or do you need an accelerated turn around to time with a pitch, a conference or a trade show?

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