How do you choose the right voice for your explainer video script?

Any explainer video production has a set of goals, messages and a target audience to talk to.

A voice talent helps you to tell that story. You should consider how you want the voice to engage with your viewing audience.

The message may be informative or more sales driven. It may be a serious topic or more easy going, even fun.

Should the voice talent sound informal and conversational, like talking to a friend or family member, or does the role require a more reserved, professional tone maybe with a note of authority and conviction?

What pace is appropriate to suit the message? A slower read may be more appropriate if the script is complex and difficult to understand, particularly if it incorporates technical terminology. A faster pace may be appropriate for a swift, punchy sales script using short, snappy language.

We send our clients a zip file of voiceover demos and ask them to select their preferred voice artists. We ask for specific guidance on pace, tone and emphasis for the voiceover artist to work from. We also request pronunciation guides if necessary; a quick recording on a mobile phone does the trick.

If you’re providing the alternate language translations, we provide simple Word document templates, one for each language, so that guidance is clear even for non-native project members. Voice recordings and text in the visuals are swapped in.  Captions and subtitles are produced from those documents too.

Voice over recording artist

We regularly provide adult UK and US accent demo reels but also have access to multilingual options (including German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese) and to child actors through our recording network partners.