Make your explainer videos accessible for the hard of hearing and benefit from better Google listings too!

Always make your explainer videos more accessible with captions by creating a SubRip (.srt) file. It enables those who are deaf and hard of hearing to have full access to your media.

These captions or subtitles are a permanent item on our to-do list for any video production project using a voice over. It’s super important from a deaf person’s perspective but it’s also critical for social media advertising and search engine optimisation.

Since up to 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound (according to research by Digiday) subtitles are essential for any social media advertising.

While for organic search engine optimisation, we attach the .srt file to the video and use our customisable video player to embed both the script and the video into a client’s webpage. This can produce significant visibility in Google’s blended search.

Of course, the next step to improve the accessibility and reach of your videos is to produce multilingual captions. When viewers click the “CC” button on Wistia’s video player, they’re able to select their own caption language from a dropdown menu.

Multi-lingual captions / subtitles (video example).

Try the video below to see how captioning works:

If you’re uploading your content to YouTube, check their document on “Supported subtitle and closed caption files”.