So what’s the best way for a client to provide feedback?

A simple collaboration platform is critical to help eliminate miscommunication, reduce feedback cycles and aid the creative process. Feedback is usually faster and more precise than a list written in an email.

With several key milestones requiring client feedback, a simple online commenting and approval system is vital to facilitate collaboration between the animation team and all key stakeholders.

We use a video collaboration platform called to share progress and invite feedback.

With each contributor having their own account, they can login and feedback at a time that suits their schedule wherever they are in the world. This can often help smooth and accelerate production and keep the delivery on track.

It lets your team comment, reply and markup changes to guide your animation designers. video review platform video review platform

When we start adding content, you’ll get an email with an invite to create a passworded account. You can also invite other team members. It’s important that all key stakeholders who will be required to sign off the video are involved from the very start of the project.

Every time we upload new content, you’ll receive a notification email. Then you’ll be able to login to your account and add comments to the graphics and explainer video animation by typing feedback in the box or sketching over a particular frame. We’re able to create a job list from your comments to discuss and clarify before moving on to make revisions.

We’ve created a short animation to help you with the basics of the system. You’ll be commenting in no time.

Watch our overview video about

How many rounds of feedback are provided?

Animation companies offer different levels of revisions. Some offer very few revisions (some just 1!) and others promise unlimited revisions.

Based on our experience across the hundreds of animation projects we’ve produced, we see that a limit of 3 rounds of feedback at each review milestone provides a more than adequate opportunity for a client to provide their feedback and for us to produce an exceptional video that meets their marketing needs.

It’s encouraging that we tend to go through less than 3 rounds of revisions at each milestone.

Unlimited revisions tends to lead to unfocused feedback (because there’s always another round available) and a stretched timeline with a consequent delay in delivery (because each review adds to the overall length of the project).

Very few clients require 3 or more rounds; when it is necessary, an animation company often offers additional rounds of feedback at a set price. It’s worth clarifying those costs during the initial consultation and quotation phase.