What are the most common types of explainer video?

There are several of types of explainer videos that we commonly make for clients.

Benefits videos

A “Benefits Video” tends to work well as a hero video at the top of your website homepage or on a dedicated landing page providing a very high level explanation of your product or service.

This type of script typically outlines the issues your viewer can face or the challenges they need to overcome. It suggests possible solutions to resolve those issues, introduces your brand, should mention your USPs and explains why they should choose your company over your competition – ending with a clear call to action (CTA).

It should focus on the customer’s “pain points” while outlining the benefits of working with your solution. It should show your customer as a hero on a journey discovering your product or service. You are the guide taking them to their utopian destination.

Internal comms

Internal communication across all levels of an organisation is more important than ever.

We’ve produced a diverse range of “Internal Comms” including defining a company’s “tone of voice”, supporting recruitment objectives across the business, outlining a company’s vision and purpose, describing how business change will provide a positive impact and an overview of new customer feedback systems.

Some prime uses of internal comms.

  • Drive employee engagement.
  • Inspire and retain high performers.
  • Broadcast company goals and values.
  • Enhance transparency across an organisation.
  • Align your marketing messaging across the company.

“How to” videos

These videos can help explain how to install, build or use a product or service, solve a common problem or take a new angle on already popular content. Remember to stick to short, descriptive sentences that explain in a clear, simple, step-by-step way.

The most compelling “how to” video might actually not mention your product at all. Think about the questions your audience might be asking or the help they may need. Then establish your brand as a thought leader with helpful videos without ending with a sales pitch.

Product animation

A product animation, usually made in 3D, can suit many purposes. They may demonstrate a product use case, be used to train equipment operators, inform safety procedures, facilitate investor engagement, help with crowdfunding, explain USPs or be completely promotional in nature.

Still visuals are often produced in parallel or taken direct from the video for use as a product showcase, packshots or mock-ups for web, ecommerce and social use.

The videos and stills produced are particularly useful when no physical product exists prior to product manufacture and launch.

FAQ videos

FAQ (frequently asked question) videos allow you to anticipate your customer’s questions and help them find a solution to their problem quickly and efficiently.

People like to discover solutions themselves without contacting customer support agents so FAQ videos can engage potential customers with your brand while helping to reduce your time and spend on customer support.

Attention spans for the average viewer can be low. These FAQ videos should be 30-60 seconds long. Keep it short, sharp and to-the point.

What other types of animated videos can be useful?

Branded content

Good branded content creates a positive association between a brand and their audience, without being too salesy. It’s not the hard-sell advertising you see in pop-up ads or on TV.

The aim for branded content is for people to consume and enjoy it, while appreciating the fact that it is sponsored by your brand. The biggest challenge is striking the right tone with your audience.

It’s content that reflects and amplifies a brand’s core values providing true value to their audience. Perfect for social media, content and inbound marketing to support your content strategy.

What makes incredible brand content?

  • Quality, relevance, and value.
  • Not the same old hard-sell.
  • Authenticity is key.
  • Should reflect and amplify a brand’s core values.
  • Provide value to the brand owner’s audience.

App explainer video

Perfect for SAAS (Software As A Service) platforms, app explainer videos can mix voice, animation and screencasting to be used as marketing collateral or tutorial content for existing account holders.

Short, snappy walk-throughs of common platform features and tasks can keep your new sign up engaged, help breed familiarity with your platform through drip email marketing campaigns and save on the costs of your support staff.

They’re also useful as demo videos to entice app downloads on Google Play Store and the App Store.

Content can be screencast from desktop, tablet and mobile apps and incorporated into either a 2D or 3D animation.