What information is commonly supplied by the client for a 3D animation project?

A client will often provide a 3D model of their product assembly or installation. We can import product assemblies and parts from all major 3D CAD programs with no tweaking or data fix-up required. SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, ProE/Creo, Solid Edge, UG NX, Catia, AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks, Rhino.

Ideally you’ll provide some technical references such as a parts list that matches the layer names in your CAD file with a note of the material specification of each component.

2D assembly and component drawings, usually provided in dwg format, can be useful for checking primary dimensions and creating graphic overlays.

Exact material specifications are ideal. Failing that, photo references of the physical product or material are useful so that we can create and apply realistic materials based on the colour, surface finish, reflectivity, specularity and transparency shown.

Videos from your website or YouTube are useful for us to understand assembly / component motion and the use case.