What information is useful to include in a project brief?

A few ideas to help you get started on the video brief.

  1. Who is the main target audience? Are there any secondary audiences to be considered? Do you have a set of personas defined?
  2. What does the target audience already know or understand about your company, product or service? Does the target audience have any preconceptions that need addressing? Do they have any prejudices that we should aim to overcome?
  3. What is the main objective or goal of the video? What are the metrics you’ll use to determine success?
  4. What is the primary or key message to get across to the viewer? Are there any secondary messages? Will there be a voice script? If so, who is writing it?
  5. What problem in your market does your product or service solve? What top level benefits would your customers learn about your product or service from the video?
  6. If you were the customer, why would you find the content of the video valuable?
  7. Does the video explain how your company, product or service is better than the competition? What are your USPs?
  8. Are there examples of other companies doing a similar thing?
  9. Where will this video be used? Website, social media, landing pages etc?
  10. Where does the content of the video fit into the buying cycle? Top of funnel or close to purchase?
  11. What action do you want the customer to take after viewing the video? Is the call-to-action clear?
  12. When will you start? What is the deadline? What is the budget?

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You may have an idea or concept for the style of the proposed video. It’s particularly useful if you can provide links to reference videos that match your desired “look and feel” and level of complexity so that we can judge your expectations. This is especially important for character animation and all 3D projects.