Why your video needs captions

Contemporary marketers know that web videos are an integral part of any productive advertising campaign. Nowadays, consumers expect to see a fair amount of video content from brands that are currying their favor. Unfortunately, many marketers fail to grasp the importance of captioning their video content. Here are a few benefits that come with adding captions and transcripts to promotional videos.

Access to People with Disabilities

The fact of the matter is that hearing-impaired people comprise a greater slice of the general populace than you’d think. It doesn’t take much effort to engage hearing-impaired viewers by adding captions and transcripts to videos that you post online. If the person that needs captions to understand your video content makes purchasing decisions, it could guarantee a sale that wouldn’t happen otherwise.

Improved Search Results Rankings

Greater notoriety via search results found on Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo is the key to attracting new clients. It’s difficult for search engines to index content without text to work with. Providing search engine spiders with transcripts to parse will ensure that your content shows up in the search results. Search engines can’t accurately describe explainer video content to users based on media files online.

Better Access to Foreign Markets

Videos with captions and transcripts appeal to non-English speakers for a variety of reasons. For one thing, captions help foreigners that are casually familiar with English to follow the action even if they’re not fluent speakers. Furthermore, .SRT files of dialog can be punched into a service like Google Translate and converted into another language with great accuracy in a matter of seconds.

Far Higher Mobile Views

In today’s increasingly competitive online marketing environment, attracting quality views from mobile users is absolutely critical. Videos with captions and transcripts are far more likely to be shared organically through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Potential customers can follow the narrative of a promotional video on their phones when they’re riding the train to work without having to break out headphones.

Superior Conversion Rates

An appreciable boost in video plays won’t do you much good if viewers don’t take the next step in the purchasing cycle. Captioned videos greatly enhance viewer comprehension by giving consumers a transcript to follow along with when digesting visual content. What’s more, accurate transcripts can be saved for future reference by potential customers that aren’t ready to make a purchase right away.

Improved ROI on Advertising Spending

Composing transcripts can save you a lot of money on marketing in a number of ways. For instance, some content creation programs can automatically generate videos based on transcripts alone. Furthermore, higher search results rankings reduce the amount of time and money spent on SEO. Finally, higher click-through rates reduce the number of videos you have to produce to achieve your desired results.

Greater Brand Awareness on the Web

Given the choice between two videos from two different sources with similar content, serious consumers will opt for the captioned content. Over time, a business that consistently provides transcripts for videos will be perceived as more professional and trustworthy than one that doesn’t. All other things being equal, that small but crucial boost in brand reputation can easily translate into increased long-term revenue.

Getting Started With Video Captions and Transcripts

It’s never too late to start adding captions to video content and there’s essentially no downside to the practice. Nowadays, businesses have access to incredibly powerful software solutions (such as our video hosting platform) that make the video distribution and captioning process a breeze. When all is said and done, there’s no excuse for publishing informational or promotional videos without captions on the web.