Our Incredible Package Options…

So how does it work?

We provide a base price for the creative and production components.

You choose options, shown below, to add to the base package.



Using your script.

Working from your voice script, we’ll help refine the message, making it more conversational or punchy to suit the anticipated visuals.

Expert script writing.

Working from a rough outline and our discussions in the discovery phase, we’ll delve deeper into your audience and message, creating the perfect copy to inform, engage and convert.

Royalty free music.

We’ll licence a royalty free music track and complete the sound production with the addition of sound effects.

Bespoke music and sound production.

We’ll compose a bespoke music track as a rough cut for your feedback prior to final refinement and production. We’ll complete the sound production with the addition of sound effects.

Three revisions at each milestone.

We follow a tried and tested production schedule with up to three rounds of feedback available at each milestone; script, style and storyboard, graphics, music production, animation.

Unlimited revisions.

We follow a tried and tested production schedule only moving on to the next step when you’re 100% satisfied with progress.

Relaxed production.

Our base package follows a 5-6 week production schedule for animations of 60-90 seconds. Prompt feedback is required at each milestone to stay on track with the timeline.

Accelerated production.

Our Incredible Package pulls in extra team members to help accelerate delivery (typically 3-4 weeks for animations of 60-90 seconds). Exceptionally prompt feedback is required at each milestone to stay on track with the timeline.

Fixed production process.

Each element is signed off before we move on to the next stage of production. Any change requests to items already signed off may be chargeable.

Flexible production process.

We understand that details can be fluid at the start of a project. Sometimes you need to know that a last minute script change is covered. We’ll organise voice production and the timing of the animation to suit.

No split testing.

We produce a single version of your animation.

A/B testing.

Split testing multiple versions of your video so that you can maximise engagement and refine your message. We produce up to four versions with two variants for the initial scene and two for the call-to-action.

Self hosted video.

We provide you the final animation file (MP4) and you upload it to your preferred hosting / social platforms, such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Video marketing platform.

Our video marketing support includes a personalised, advert free, SEO friendly video player designed to capture leads and track viewer usage. Easy to set up and embed into your website.

Single language.

We produce a single English language version of your animation.

Translations / multi-lingual options.

We’ll organise translations, source native speakers for the voice over and swap out text in the visuals. Send us a list of the languages required.

 Your story deserves to be heard too

Your customers are exposed to 10,000+ brand messages a day. We know your story deserves to be heard too.

You need a visual storyteller to help focus your message, build credibility and maximise engagement so you can close more deals, faster.

It’s time to break through the noise and outshine your competition.