Our Incredible Package Is…

Are you ready to create an #incrediblevideo ?

We’re a small, agile, highly skilled creative team who love to push boundaries and work outside our comfort zone. Let us tell your story!

Our Incredible Package provides an exceptional, full service experience.

You choose the options you need.

Expert script writing.

Working from a rough outline and our discussions in the discovery phase, we’ll delve deeper into your audience and message, creating the perfect copy to inform, engage and convert.

Custom artwork.

Every animation starts with a blank canvas. Working hand-in-hand with your brand assets, we’ll create bespoke artwork to suit the pace and tone of your message.

Detailed storyboard.

A hand sketched storyboard outlines the flow from scene to scene. A rough visual guide to help accelerate the creative direction of the project.

Style boards.

We’ll create a set of style frames showing proposed final graphics, text and colours in line with your brand guidelines.

Animatic or previsualisation.

We’ll take the sketched storyboard, overlay the voice and block in some basic animation to check the timing and flow of the story.  Provides an opportunity to propose changes to the visual concept before we move on to the more time consuming process of animation.

Memorable animation.

We’ll work scene by scene, creating a library of graphics following the “look and feel” defined by the style frames. Then we’ll start animating each element and scene-to-scene transitions creating an exceptional, memorable viewer experience.

Professional voiceover.

We’ll organise, edit and mix a professional voiceover following your guidance on pace, tone and emphasis using pronunciation references if necessary.

Bespoke music and sound production.

We’ll compose a bespoke music track as a rough cut for your feedback prior to final refinement and production. We’ll complete the sound production with the addition of sound effects.

Flexible production process.

We understand that details can be fluid at the start of a project. Sometimes you need to know that a last minute script change is covered. We’ll organise voice production and the timing of the animation to suit.

Video marketing platform.

Our video marketing support includes a personalised, advert free, SEO friendly video player designed to capture leads and track viewer usage. Easy to set up and embed into your website.

A/B testing.

Split testing multiple versions of your video so that you can maximise engagement and refine your message.

Unlimited revisions.

We follow a tried and tested production schedule only moving on to the next step when you’re 100% satisfied with progress.

First-rate service.

Support requests receive phone and email responses within minutes or a few hours, not days or weeks. We pull out all the stops at every stage of the process.

Truly original work.

There’s nothing cookie cutter about the videos we produce. Every creative step of the process is unique to your project.

Accelerated production.

Our Incredible Package pulls in extra team members to help accelerate delivery (typically 3-4 weeks for animations of 60-90 seconds).

Translations / multi-lingual options.

We’ll organise translations, source native speakers for the voice over and swap out text in the visuals.

Subtitles / captioning.

Copy is provided and videos can be captioned for accessibility and SEO.

So how does it work?

We provide a base price for the creative and production components.

You choose options to add to the base package.

We looked at a number of different animation companies to help us with a product video, and settled on Kinesomania because of their quick, professional attitude to our project. They understood our concerns over time-lines and budget, and made sure to steer us and the work to meet these requirements. We had no experience of this sort of work, and relied on the Kinesomania team to help us through it and keep the show on track. I guess it says something that we immediately re-booked them for a second project, and we were glad to find that their performance stayed high for this one too. Can’t recommend them enough, and if anybody wants to confirm this with me, I’m happy to take calls or emails.

Steve Rothkopf, Managing Director, Thinking Software

 Your story deserves to be heard too

Your customers are exposed to 10,000+ brand messages a day. We know your story deserves to be heard too.

You need a visual storyteller to help focus your message, build credibility and maximise engagement so you can close more deals, faster.

It’s time to break through the noise and outshine your competition.