Interactive 3D Configurator - Dynamic Product Customisation and Pricing

It’s time to outshine your competition.

Build an interactive 3D configurator that provides dynamic pricing and product customisation including colour, textures, components and specification. Almost any element of a product can be customised.

Embed your 3D content anywhere.

Works with all operating systems, browsers and devices. Embed your 3D content anywhere; websites, social media, e-commerce stores, advertising, press releases.

Browser compatibility.

Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Edge.

Mobile compatibility.

iOS 8+, Android 4.0, Firefox beta, Google Chrome.


3D content is displayed in real-time using WebGL, which is a standard for most modern browsers. You can check if your browser is compatible at

For more technical details about WebGL on your machine, see

3D offers substantial benefits with almost unlimited flexibility.

We use cutting edge technology to create photo realistic renders.

  • Zoom into and provide crisp views of intricate parts.
  • Demonstrate the inner workings of a product.
  • Use exploded views, section cuts and x-ray views to reveal assembly details and functionality.
  • Explore material and colour variations, finishes and fabrics.
  • Products can be placed in any type of environment or isolated on a neutral background.
  • Create completely virtual photographic studios for product shots.
  • Demonstrate and quantify temperature and pressure variations, fluid velocities and contaminent flows.
  • Help make early decisions in the design process.
  • Freedom to work with the most expensive materials.
  • Show products and processes that don’t yet exist.
  • Create custom spaces and environments of your choice, however inaccessible or hostile.
  • Use variations of an environment with different props and camera angles to build a product catalogue.
  • Demonstrate multiple configurations or applications.
  • Revisit shots and animation at a later date.
  • Create guided tours or walk-throughs.
  • Create alternate views at almost no extra cost.
  • No studio, stage and lighting or transportation costs.
I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that it has been a great pleasure working with you on this video. From start to finish you have been prompt in responses and have created a wonderful video piece for this campaign. Thank you and I hope we get to do more work with you in the future.

Matthew, Agency

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