Wistia adds new privacy feature

We’ve all noticed the plethora of website cookie warnings popping up recently, running hand-in-hand with an inbox full of GDPR led requests from companies and people you barely remember signing up to but really want to keep in touch with you.

While Wistia’s new privacy mode isn’t strictly a necessity for your video marketing to be GDPR compliant, it’s a helpful tool in minimising the data you collect about individual visitors and users. It does mean that your heatmaps will be anonymous, and fall in line with GDPR data tracking regulations.

Now you have the option to collect all the same viewer data as before, except IP addresses will be anonymised and cookie tracking disabled. Luckily you can still get hold of meaningful data about how your videos are performing.

We’d recommend activating privacy mode by default for all your videos. It’s just a single click and you’re good to go on all your embedded content.

Extract from Wistia control panel