Animation Portfolio: Global AppCasting Statistics


The AdStore presents a variety of statistical information to help guide your advertising.

Impressions are the number of times an advert is displayed.

With a typical 68% of people – followers, users, viewers – seeing an impression, the number of impressions is relatively high compared to other forms of digital advertising.

Total reach is the number of people receiving impressions of an advert. Since people will see multiple impressions of the same advert, the total reach will be lower than the number of impressions.

Actual reach is the number of people who actually use the app. Since approximately 95% of all people use the Facebook version of the app, the metric methods are directly comparable to how many Facebook users open a post on Facebook.

The average actual reach on Facebook is about 9%. This means for every 100 people who are exposed to the app, approximately nine open or use the app.
Different formats provide a different actual reach; video has the highest reach at 12%, photos 10%, links 7%, and status updates reach 5% of the audience.

To improve your return on investment, additional impressions can be generated by uploading new content if that content – images, text and video – is more visually appealing or provides a more interesting offer.

And because content is ranked by date, with newer content appearing first, fresh uploads can generate an increase in impressions too.

Your advert should be updated with new content – particularly image content – at least every ten days to avoid ad fatigue and ad blindness.

Ad fatigue happens when your selected audience becomes bored or frustrated with seeing the same adverts time and time again – with them sometimes turning off your ads entirely.

Ad blindness occurs when consumers are inundated with similar ads from different advertisers. As “copycatted” ad copy and images appear more and more frequently in people’s’ feeds, they become “blind” to them making it extremely important to test copy, images, and colors so that your adverts stand out from the crowd.

With those figures in mind, here are a few campaign estimates.

If the potential total reach is fifty thousand people, the actual reach per day is around four and a half thousand people, out of which 68% see the adverts, or three thousand and sixty people. So, the total number of potential impressions in a thirty days advertising period is ninety one thousand eight hundred.

With an average click rate of 8%, ninety one thousand eight hundred impressions provides seven thousand three hundred and forty four opens.

So, if a thirty days advert is four hundred and fifty dollars, then the estimated Cost Per Click is six point one cents and the Cost per Thousand Impressions, four dollars ninety cents.

We thank you for watching this video and wish you the best with your in app advertising.