Animation Portfolio: Gradian


At Gradian, we believe medical equipment can be a catalyst for change in global health—but only if it’s designed for the setting where it’s used and supported once it’s there.

Gradian Health Systems is a nonprofit medical technology company that works to transform the impact of medical equipment in low-resource hospitals around the world. With a presence in more than twenty five countries, we operate as a social enterprise: we blend proceeds from equipment sales with donor funds to cover our operations and meet the needs of our customers.
Our business is rooted in three central pillars: Technology, Training, and Customer Support.

With durable construction, user friendly features, and international certification, Gradian’s devices are built to thrive in the most challenging settings in the world. Whenever we sell a product, our worldwide team manages the process from factory to facility: we manufacture our devices in the US and UK, ship them to each market, store them with our local agents, and arrange for distribution and installation.

For every installation, local teams of clinicians and biomedical engineers administer an on-site training for all new users and maintenance staff. Depending on the clinical needs at the hospital, we also work with local training institutions to develop programs that refresh and refine providers’ skills.

Once a product is installed, our regional distribution partners provide reliable after-sales service for all our customers. This includes annual maintenance, spare parts, timely repairs, and twenty four seven technical support via email, phone, and WhatsApp.

Everyone deserves access to high-quality healthcare. Our goal at Gradian is to equip health providers with enhanced technology and skills to deliver that care effectively.