Animation Portfolio: MetroStor


We are metroSTOR.

Our modular product systems help your organisation resolve the challenges of outdoor storage.

From waste and recycling containers and mobility scooter charging units to cycle parking.

Type-specific module sizes, configurable cladding and access control options make for easy-to specify solutions that suit the most diverse and demanding of situations.

Reduce fire risks presented by both an indoor source of ignition and the obstruction of escape routes by providing a safe, secure means of storage outside the dwelling.

Less fly-tipping and bulky waste, fewer contaminated bins and chute blockages for a significant reduction in operating costs.

Instead of hidden areas that encourage anti-social behaviour, you can now create structures that are attractive and welcoming.

They invite use. Locating them where people walk will make users feel safe, residents will have homes and neighbourhoods that they can be proud of.

Tough. Configurable. Neat.