Animation Portfolio: Phasor


In the commercial maritime world, communication is no longer just a phone call or an e-mail while at sea.

The promise of true broadband connectivity is beginning to enable a whole new class of applications, including video transmission, live IPTV, Internet access and operational telematics links.

For the first time, the truly “Connected Ship” is possible.

Seaborne offices are becoming a reality, and critical systems on a vessel can now be monitored and controlled remotely.

Wi-Fi access is bringing the convenience of connectivity and entertainment to passengers and crew alike, on mobile devices.

Basic broadband connectivity solutions available today rely upon mechanically stabilized dish antennas.

Heavy and complex, these large domed-antennas depend upon moving mechanical-systems, which make them costly to install, limited in bandwidth,
prone to failure and difficult to repair.

There has been no other alternative to these limited and bulky systems.

Until now….

Phasor proudly unveils the world’s first enterprise-grade, solid-state, electronically steerable, flat panel antenna, designed for the commercial maritime market.

Lightweight, low-profile and highly scalable to meet a broad range of bandwidth requirements, the Phasor electronically-steerable antenna will usher in a new era of broadband connectivity, reliability and convenience.
Bringing high speed connectivity to the maritime world has never been easier.

Phasor is the future of Mobile Broadband.