Animation Portfolio: Tall and Thin Clothing


People come in all shapes and sizes.

So do their clothes.

If you wear a standard or popular size, you can buy clothing virtually anywhere.

Even some specialty sizes are readily available such as petite or slim.

Or big and tall.

But what if you’re slim and tall?

Or tall but not big?

You’re tall AND thin, and until NOW it was nearly impossible to find apparel to fit YOU.

If you’re like me, you’re frustrated buying and wearing clothes that don’t quite fit. I’m doing something about it.

Introducing Tall and Thin Clothing.

At Tall and Thin, we don’t believe that “one size fits all”.

You tell us YOUR size and we’ll create clothing just for YOU. Longer sleeves?  Longer body? No problem!

But the perfect fit is only half the story. We focus on creating clothing of long lasting quality, durability and style.

At Tall and Thin Clothing, we use only premium preshrunk fabrics and heavy duty stitching locally designed, sourced and manufactured.

Proper fit. Exceptional quality.

Tall and Thin Clothing. Clothing that fits. Finally.