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Consumer Goods 3D Product Animation And Visualisation

3D product visualisations

Animated video solutions from 3D CAD. Ideal for promoting, informing or educating prospective customers and key stakeholders about a product either before or after production.

Interactive website viewer – including 360 deg spins

State of the art 360 product viewer for your 3D visualisations or 360 product spins. Create interactive 3D CAD and 360 degree product photography for your website. It’s time to modernise your marketing.

3D offers substantial benefits with almost unlimited flexibility

We use cutting edge technology to create fully realistic renders or in a graphic style.

  • Zoom into and provide crisp views of intricate parts.
  • Demonstrate the inner workings of a product.
  • Use exploded views, section cuts and x-ray views to reveal assembly details and functionality.
  • Explore material and colour variations, finishes and fabrics.
  • Products can be placed in any type of environment or isolated on a neutral background.
  • Create completely virtual photographic studios for product shots.
  • Demonstrate and quantify temperature and pressure variations, fluid velocities and contaminent flows.
  • Help make early decisions in the design process.
  • Freedom to work with the most expensive materials.
  • Show products and processes that don’t yet exist.
  • Create custom spaces and environments of your choice, however inaccessible or hostile.
  • Use variations of an environment with different props and camera angles to build a product catalogue.
  • Demonstrate multiple configurations or applications.
  • Revisit shots and animation at a later date.
  • Create guided tours or walk-throughs.
  • Create alternate views at almost no extra cost.
  • No studio, stage and lighting or transportation costs.

Why choose Kinesomania?

Never run-of-the-mill. Are you ready to create an #incrediblevideo ? Let us tell your story!

  • Transparent process.
  • Fixed pricing.
  • Unlimited revisions.
  • Single UK design office.
  • Dedicated project manager.
  • Close contact with the team.
  • Streamlined process.
  • Simple cloud review platform.
  • Fast response times.
  • Substantial engineering experience.
  • Native 3D CAD assembly import.
  • Wide ranging sector experience.
  • Clients in the UK, EU, US and Canada.
  • Any style of animation.
  • Script writing service available.
  • Startups, SMEs and big business.
  • Video SEO and analytics support.
  • Photo realistic materials including metal, plastic, composites, glass, stone, wood, paint, gems, fabric.
  • Fluid and particle simulations.
  • Rigging of complex machines.
  • Advanced character modelling and animation.
  • Import of real world geo data for city generation and landscaping.
  • Large prop library.
  • Crowd simulations to populate your environments.

Photo realistic visuals

Visualisation of your products, processes and installations. Suitable for print and web. Detailed product texturing using realistic materials and real world environments created from scratch.

Includes 3D CAD import

We can import product assemblies and parts from all major 3D CAD programs with no tweaking or data fix-up required.

SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, ProE/Creo, Solid Edge, UG NX, Catia, AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks, Rhino

Real world environments

Digital elevation models and city layouts using real world data. Highly detailed 3D landscapes and real world terrain created using satellite imagery. Waterways and road maps laid precisely over the terrain.

Graphic overlays

2D data brought into the 3D environment. Section cuts, ghosting, exploded views, dimension overlays. Infographic animation including benefits and USPs.

3D characters

Complex 3D character design and animation using motion capture data (Mocap) drawn from our extensive motion library. Manual keyframing for bespoke motion.

Fluids and particles

Particles, fluids and gaseous simulations. Ideal for water, oil, powder, vapour and contaminant flows. Crucial for many industrial process simulations.

Thanks to Kinesomania’s striking video content for promotion in Hamad International Airport we were able to secure fantastic media coverage, with 14 media outlets covering the occasion in English and Arabic. Thanks to your support and other partners we were able to significantly raise Orbis’ profile in Europe and the Middle East. We are so pleased – once again thank you so much for your help! You remain our office’s hero for saving the day in turning the video around so quickly.

Corporate Partnerships, Orbis EMEA

Previsualisation (PreVis)

We’ll roll out a complete previsualisation of the proposed animation (low resolution without colours / textures) timed with the voice over and laid over a backing track. We’ll ask for your feedback and sign off, making unlimited revisions where required, before we move on to production.

Simple online approval

We’ll provide a simple online platform for you to review and comment on progress at every stage. We’ll revise at each step in line with your recommendations and send back for final approval. We provide unlimited revisions at every stage.

Substantial engineering expertise

Our founder, Simon Jennings, offers a unique blend of engineering and digital design and marketing experience.

An engineering background derived from a degree in aeronautical engineering at Imperial College and over 11 years of motorsport experience at the highest level, perfectly positioned to provide support to clients in the 3D technical and engineering animation arena.

Ready to create an #incrediblevideo ?

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