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Stand-alone, touch screen tradeshow and event solutions.



Stunning, touch-enabled, digital experiences that entice and engage passing footfall. Ideal for trade shows and events.

See what natural interaction can do.

Entice and engage passing footfall with dynamic, interactive 3D content.

Inform and capture data with a touch enabled app.

Fully autonomous package, non-reliant on an internet connection.

Vertical Touch Stand

Interactive product information

Let trade stand or event visitors customise your products' colours, options and features.

Register visitors

Capture prospective clients' contact details and interests for your sales team to process post-event.

Present on multiple devices

Your sales team can present information and solutions to customer questions on multiple devices; stand touchscreens, laptops or tablet devices.

Part of our monthly retainer package

3D video, creative design, touch enabled apps, marketing collateral, real-time experiences.

No internet

We understand that internet connectivity can be sketchy at best. All of our digital signage solutions are completely stand-alone Windows packages. No internet connection required.


Core features

A set of commonly requested features included in our base package.

We create bespoke user interfaces to match your brand.


Engineering Views

Smooth mouse and touch control over pan/rotation/zoom

360 Degree Control

detail views with supplimental text/image/video content


Toggle on and off graphical data layers

Graphical Overlays

Customers can change product materials and colours.

Image 1 Image 2

Customers can switch between different products in situ.

Image 1 Image 2

Customers can view your products in multiple custom built environments.

Image 1 Image 2

Total design freedom

CAD digital twin pipeline

Components and assemblies ingested with no tweaking or data fix-up required. Provides a consistent source for all touchpoints.


Logo, colour palettes and font families integrated from your brand documents.

Touch enabled UI

Multi-step user interfaces developed from scratch. Data imported on-the-fly from your data tables.

High performance

Smooth, high frame rate motion. Rendered in real-time.

Technical effects

Graphic and text overlays, transparency / ghosting, exploded views and section cuts.


Let visitors select from an inventory of products and customise colours, options and features.

Animated sequences

Show user personalised products in their natural environment as sequences of animation.

Real-world materials

Realistic, physically based materials incorporating real-world scan data.

Environment design

Allow viewers complete freedom of movement and perspective.

Take a look at the core features in action


Actionable insights

Add comprehensive real-time attribution, funnel and lead analytics.

Attribution analytics

Our attribution solution helps you analyse and optimise your acquisition efforts, helping you understand your best performing channels and campaigns.

  • Track all acquisition efforts across all sources
  • Determine which sources drive sustained growth
  • Analyse the campaigns positively impacting your most important KPIs

Funnel analytics

Our apps are built to help you understand and optimize the conversion funnel, a series of events you’d like users to complete in your app.

  • See the percentage of users that successfully move from one step to the next
  • Identify the steps in the conversion funnel that cause customer drop-off
  • Analyse the campaigns positively impacting your most important KPIs

Lead acquisition

Understanding the composition of your current audience, your most valuable segments and which segments convert best into long-term users.

  • Measures the age, gender, demographic, and interests of the users in your app
  • Use Audience Exports to build lookalike audiences to run on advertising platforms
  • Segment your audience to determine how your different segments use your app
  • Capture lead data on your app and landing pages

* GDPR compliant, anonymised behavioural data with no personally identifiable information.

Some kind words from our partners

Kinesomania made 4 corporate videos for us which we were thrilled with. The process was straight forward, and the communication and feedback excellent. Highly recommended!

Olivia Brown Hylomar Limited

The end result was a video of extreme quality, with incredible colours and fantastic stills. BBC Sport, among others, have gone on to use the animation, which demonstrates the sheer quality of it.

Ben Young Great British Racing
Trusted by brands and agencies, worldwide.

It's been a pleasure

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing people,
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